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Size Guide & Care Advice

What jeans do you recommend for my shape? 

Straight shape - Medium rise worn slouchy

Hourglass shape - Medium rise (Patti Smith) slouchy or high rise

Curvy shape  - High Rise

How should I care for my jeans? 

Rockins advise washing as infrequently as possible to get that lived in look.

Wash inside out in the machine at 40 degrees. Some say keeping your jeans in the freezer over night kills bacteria but the jury is still out on this one.

Will my Rockins Jeans fit to size?

Refer to our size matrix chart to ensure you get the correct size. Our signature a western pocket sits high and will give your bottom a lift! If you like jeans baggy around the front so you can keep your hands in your pockets go up a size and belt them!

If you like them real tight then go the size smaller and let them give naturally to your shape.

How do you measure jeans?

Refer to our size matrix and stick within those measurements as our jeans are non stretch. Our jeans are 100% cotton so they will give with wear.

Where are our products made?

Rockins jeans are made in Italy in a 14oz or 10oz denim and are finished with a double chain stitch.

Should I size down when buying Rockins jeans?

Buy a size up as our jeans are Non-Stretch!

What material are your jeans? 

Rockins jeans are made from 100% cotton

NO elastane

What’s the best way to wash my jeans?

Wash inside out in the machine at 40 degrees

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