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Skull Flower Black Classic Skinny Scarf

Skull Flower Black Classic Skinny Scarf


A poetic vision of fading beauty, at first glance it appears our Skull Flower scarf is adorned with Lily of the Valley; a beautiful, but deadly poisonous flower. Look closer however, and you’ll find not all is as it seems. Hanging ominously from each stem is a sprinkling of tiny skulls. Set against a stark backdrop, this motif trails down our bias cut scarf.

Cut from 100% Crepe de Chine silk, it will only improve with wear thanks to our signature bias cut. Hand finished with a mitred point, our scarves fall in a fluid line against the body. Loop at the neck, knot in a pussy bow or sling at the hips.

100% Silk
Bias-cut Mitred Scarf
170cm x 16cm

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