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Plain Satin Green Classic Skinny

Plain Satin Green Classic Skinny


Our straight up Plain Satin Classic Skinny Fringed Scarf is a detox from psychedelic prints, graphic lines and intricate motifs. A stripped back take on our signature designs, this scarf is available in various shades crafted in 100% Satin.

Inspired by traditional 1920s designs, the Plain Satin Classic Skinny Scarf features a mitred hand finish, illustrating our focus on expert craftsmanship. Rock it wrapped around the neck or slung at the hips for a hint at Seventies nostalgia.

Keep in mind that Satin behaves differently to Crepe de Chine, so don’t expect it to curl up and go thin... satin is more flamboyant and creates a fabulous bow so it works beautifully as an evening chic touch.

Made in England

100% Satin
Bias-cut Mitred Scarf
180cm x 18cm

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